Chelsea Herman   (Central California)

Chelsea Herman (Central California)


I'm a California girl who loves people.  I have the best husband and the cutest little boys.  I love celebrating.  I'll choose the beach over camping any day.  Dark chocolate is the only chocolate. Red wine in the winter, margaritas in the summer.  I tend to become friends with my brides {and I'm totally ok with it!}.  My goal is to be one step ahead so you enjoy your day to the fullest.  Whether you've just gotten engaged or you're only a few months from the aisle, I'd love to meet you!

Katie Kalender   (Central California)

Katie Kalender (Central California)


Hi there!  I'm Katie and I'm so glad you're here!  I happen to really love weddings, but just so you know, marriage is something that I don't take lightly.  It's sacred, special and good.  It's something to be cherished and I truly believe that each and every day that you get to spend with the person that you love is a good day.

Olivia Sibert   (Southern California)

Olivia Sibert (Southern California)


I started “Live for the Day” in hopes of helping my friends, friends of friends and acquaintances plan their weddings and events! I have a passion for making all things beautiful and my obsessiveness for perfection has become my asset to success. I love the organization, creativity and personalization of my job!

Leah Rooney   (Southern California)

Leah Rooney (Southern California)


Knot Dreaming was born out of a hope and a prayer. From the heart of a little girl that loved playing dress up and dreaming of her very own prince, a love of love and weddings grew over the years to become what is known today as Knot Dreaming.  Leah Fontenette is the dream behind the company and the planner behind the dream. She is fondly known by her friends and family as the ultimate lover of love, a true modern day fairytale princess. There is no dream too big and no lengths too great that she isn’t willing to go through for the sake of her clients and their dream wedding.